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Our Family Helping Another

Student Events Day

As a reminder of our blessings, and our past within our native land of Trinidad & Tobago, our family has committed to providing educational materials to children who require necessary supplies.  


By working with local educators, we strategically pinpoint school districts and the educational materials necessary for development of youth within the Trinidad & Tobago school system.  

We have committed to helping 2-3 school districts a year by both fundraising and collecting of donations to allow for a Students Event Day.

Uplifting Hands relies on contributions from activists, and participants.  Every dollar you donate helps provide educational materials to Trinidadian children.

There are many ways to get involved with the Uplifting Hands, 

whether you're based in the US, or in Trinidad, or are an education 

enthusiast anywhere around the world.

Our mission is to foster an environment of learning by providing the educational materials to allow for children to learn with the minimum tools required for them to succeed. 

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